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Magazine and fashion shows

Tattoo Coverup

Sure, you love showing off your awesome tattoo to your friends and peers, but you know that if your great-grandmother ever saw it, she'd go into cardiac arrest faster than you can say, "It's only temporary!" Whether you want to hide your tattoo from conservative relatives or look more professional in your next job interview, you can easily cover a tattoo with makeup if you know what approach to take.

Body Tanning

Body tanning is a form of self tanning where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. And because we now know that bathing in the sun or in a tanning bed all day is REALLY bad for our skin, tons of people are turning to Airbrush spray tanning to get that beautiful bronze glow.

Halloween Makeup

Face paints can be fun on Halloween .Transform your costume from ordinary to extraordinary with professional quality special effects makeup. Let your makeup work its magic!

*Contact us to inquire about prices and additional services. Prices vary depending on the brands used and if travel charges apply. A 50% advance deposit is necessary for all services.*

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